Who should attend?

  • If you’ve ever had a problem with upset schedules, people not doing what they’ve been asked to do, and being disappointed that things aren’t going your way
  • Your resistance to change is constant (and you know it)
  • You’re unhappy/dissatisfied/troubled/unsettled with your current state of affairs
  • You’d like to see the concept of change through a different lens

If any of these apply, then this Conference is for you.

What can we expect if we attend?

  • Clarity on your purpose or direction in life
  • A grounded and solid understanding of what change actually is
  • Identifying the 10 big mistakes we make in addressing change and learning how to ‘do change’ differently
  • A clearer understanding of the psychological, emotional, and physical components necessary to navigate change in a healthy and wholesome way
  • A clearer understanding of gut health and how it impacts your capacity for change

Presenters and the topics of their discussion

Dr. Gerry Ramogida – Gut Health and the Physiology of Stress
Karen Shumka – Navigating Change
Bill Chalmers – Embracing Change

What we could expect to take away.

  • Handouts and worksheets from all the presenters
  • An inspiring, enriching, fact-filled, FUN time had by all

CHANGE: Something to Endure… or something to Celebrate

Demystifying the “secrets” of what change is really all about

It has been said that the only people who truly look forward to change are…babies with wet diapers. We believe that this doesn’t have to be true! Change is ever-present, change is emerging, change is evolving, change is powerful, change IS success. What are your strategies and defaults for embracing/managing/supporting change?

  • Do you live in a “Victim” mindset or a “Courageous” mindset?
  • Do you blame, complain, and stay stuck or seek other perspectives, stand accountable, and “throw the box away”?
  • Do you think you must always be in control or can you surrender to “what is”?
  • Do you emotionally and mentally disengage from a situation or face potential discomfort head on?

There are times when we can’t change a situation…however we always have choice about the way we handle that situation. We waste so much emotional energy desperately hanging on to old beliefs, habits, and rules rather than embracing change. What would it be like if you could shift from seeing change as your adversary, to accommodate it, align with it, use it, and make it your greatest ally?!

Three influential world leaders—Bill Chalmers, Karen Shumka, and Dr. Gerry Ramogida—will share their wisdom, experience, sense of humour, and differing modalities, distinctions, and perspectives on change and how to navigate it. Expect to be invited, challenged, provoked, encouraged, and invigorated…and called to a bigger game!


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