Friday, November 20, 2020
Sparkling Hill Resort

We are excited to announce our keynote speaker for
Leadership 2020 – Deanna Deacon!

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I’m an Intuitive life coach, public speaker, founder of the Empowered Woman Conference and host of this year’s Vernon Women In Business, Empower Leadership Conference. Let me begin by expressing my sincere gratitude at the opportunity to speak at your conference in November 2020.

Your theme of EMPOWER is exactly what my mission in this world is; to empower individuals with the mindset tools, emotional resiliency frameworks, confidence in themselves and belief that we CAN make a difference, allowing for all of us to lead healthier, more balanced and fulfilling lives (and businesses).

As a business owner myself, I can relate to the continuous journey of triumphs and set-backs that one encounters when setting out to take the path less traveled. From my understanding, you are looking to create an interactive experience for business owners to understand the immense value in empowering themselves and their team members to create long-term sustainable growth AND become re-inspired to fulfill their lofty dreams and goals.

In my 5 years of coaching women, speaking about empowerment, hosting my own Woman
Empowerment conference and going through this leadership journey personally, I can authentically say that empowerment is something that we ALL need more of in our lives. So many female entrepreneurs have found their way to success through unsustainable practices, such as constant striving and pushing with very little awareness of their physical or emotional well-being. This creates an imbalance that may show up as physical pain, weight gain, lack of sleep, an inability to stay focused or motivated, or a significant amount of guilt that they’re missing out on something.

Through empowerment techniques, all attendees will receive inspiration, motivation AND tangible tools to create both personal and professional balance in a sustainable way.

The time is NOW!
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