Catrina Zaza, CPHR

Assistant Director, Performance and Talent Development



An accomplished Chartered Professional in Human Resources and Talent Development Leader. I have 17+ years experience empowering teams through a variety of learning, performance management and organizational development strategies and programs.

What excites me:
I am driven to create hybrid and WFH employee experiences that inspire individuals to work with purpose, passion and collaboration. I enable folks to see a future for themselves within the organization by helping them connect the dots between their values and the organizations values and results.

I have an action orientated track record of building, leading, and growing high performing individuals,
teams and organizations that are physically and psychologically safe, engaged, collaborative, inclusive, fun and results focused.

My expertise:
With human first, innovative, and inclusive strategies, I lead organizations through today’s human resources and talent challenges and goals while also keeping a pulse on what is trending and or working in organizations globally. I prepare workplace cultures for the future of work by equipping folks at all levels with the right tools and resources required to be successful today and in the future.

I help women like you grow in their professional, business and personal lives through my personalized and effective 1:1 coaching. I also assist businesses with talent development solutions. What this looks like in an organization: Strategic corporate learning design, delivery, execution, and measurement Strategic organizational development program design, implementation, and measurement Employee engagement programs, DEI programs, wellness programs, physiological safety and mental health in the workplace programs and trauma informed leadership Succession planning, leadership development frameworks, developing aspiring and new leadership, 360 assessments, custom leadership assessments Educational assistance programs including staff and family scholarship programs Performance management, performance enablement, development planning, career planning, personal accountability, co-active coaching, mentorships, talent review process design and implementation Course and meeting facilitation, upskilling, reskilling, technical and functional training, training measurement using Kirkpatrick model of evaluation, ongoing enhancement and optimization of learning and talent management systems and launching partnerships like LinkedIn Learning Hybrid work and culture design, policy and procedure development Internal and external stakeholder and client consultation and advisory


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