I live by one not-so-simple idea of showing up as the best version of myself everyday. After 25 years as a wedding photographer (alongside 30 years in the corporate world), I now share my life long passion of photography through webinars, retreats and workshops.

Teaching you how to capture amazing photos of what matters most in your life is my dream come true. Thank you for allowing me to use my unique gift to simplify and demystify the wonderful art of photography and help you fall in love with your camera.

“I believe we should all have the experience of being behind the camera, capturing the essence of what we see and sharing it with the world.” Donna Koch

  • Donna Koch Photography
Donna Koch Photography is all about helping you gain confidence, take control of your camera, and explore the joys of photography. Learn the basic skills and tips to taking amazing photos with hands-on guidance and practice while touring spectacular locations in Kelowna. Whether you’re looking for a full day or partial day experience, grab your camera, step off the beaten path and do something different. Through the Lens Workshop: begins with camera basics and must know settings while exploring the secrets to taking spectacular photos. Donna provides hands on guidance and practice while touring specially selected locations in Kelowna - including a winery. Photo Walking Tour: combines exploring Kelowna with learning the basic skills and tips on taking amazing photographs. A shorter version of Through The Lens workshop, with the same hands on guidance and practice to meet your learning needs. Love Your Camera Webinar Series: biweekly webinar hosted by Donna, covering a wide variety of photography tips, challenges and lessons.


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