Judy Holt

Lifestyle Coach & Network Marketing Professional with Shaklee



With over 25 years’ experience in preventative wellcare, Judy is passionate about supporting others to enhance their well-being by collaboratively creating and customizing a holistic personal plan that makes a difference in how they feel in all areas of their life.

Judy inspires and guides others to achieve optimum vitality and energy, as well as, a strong immune system and a healthy weight for life.

  • Shaklee
My goal is to inspire and support others to achieve optimum vitality and energy, healthy weight & a strong immune system. I utilize a program called the Prove it Challenge, a step by step 30 day wellness plan with a 7 day healthy cleanse. I promote Shaklee health products for a healthy body & weight, non toxic home, vegan, gluten free skincare & sports nutrition. I Create a daily plan that incorporates lifestyle changes as well as Law of Attraction Principles, and helps you discover what feels right for you while moving towards achieving your health and wellness goals including Body, Mind and Spirit alignment.


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