Julie Dexter




I have a Bachelor of Business Administration in Accounting from the University of Texas at Arlington and obtained my Certified Professional Accountant designation in 1993 also in the state of Texas. My accounting background and career have given me a strong foundation in understanding client needs efficiently and effectively through research, engagement and analysis.
I love taking on complex, multi-faceted problems and systematically breaking them down to identify techniques and effective solutions. I have a long history of working on projects with multiple stakeholders where I have facilitated achieving results through process development and improvement, collaboration, and cultivation of stakeholder satisfaction.
My favourite tool is effective analysis which I believe can provide a wealth of knowledge as it allows stakeholders to identify key drivers and review results in a way that truly facilitates making decisions. Good analysis coupled with face-to-face open dialogue can do wonders in helping groups with diverse opinions come to resolution. If you need accounting consultation, I would love to help you!
As a hobby, I am also a Norwex Independent Consultant. With three small children, I am focused helping spread the message that we can all reduce chemicals in our homes to live healthier lives and do our part in helping reduce these chemicals and waste in our environment.

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