Mikkie Pollon (Nettles)




With over 30 years of experience in the fitness field, I am proud of what I have obtained and love sharing this expertise with others. Some of my achievements would be; Certified Holistic/Sports Nutritionist, BCRPA Personal Trainer/Group Fitness Trainer, Pre/postnatal specialist, Bodybuilding/Figure/Fitness coach, and an athlete myself. I have trained athletes for Judo nationals and various other sports. Although athletes are fun, my true passion is to help people live a disease-free life. This is often achieved by preventative measures, such as proper exercise and good nutrition. It is also important to build a solid relationship with my clients, and in doing this, I am able to gather useful information to help them lead healthier lives. There is also the weight-loss piece, as this is very important for many of my clients. However, the same rules apply and when the right measures are in place, weight loss, weight gain, better sleep, declining stress levels and a more positive outlook on life are some of the advantages. What I have learned over the years is Every-body is different, so Every-body responds differently. Besides my 4 children, I live to see people happy again, especially those that beat the odds against chronic disease.