Sherry Lukey

Owner, Personal & Business Coach



“If you want to be, do, or have something…but you just can’t seem to make it happen, work with Sherry.” -Kim F. Hoyer, CEO and founder of Stand Up Now

Sherry is a personal and business coach, internationally accredited, certified advanced EFT tapping and matrix reimprinting practitioner specializing in helping entrepreneurs get to the root of what’s in their way of achieving the life of their dreams!
She experienced her own breakdown and breakthrough and has now guided hundreds of amazing clients through their transformation.

Sherry lives in Coldstream (alongside Vernon) with her husband Evan on their beautiful acreage. She is the proud mom of her adult twin girls, an insatiable learner, loves the sun, plants and pottery.

  • Sherry Lukey Personal & Business Coach
I believe that every entrepreneur deserves to reach their full potential, and live the life that they have always dreamed of. Unfortunately, more often than not, they find themselves stuck, frustrated and exhausted. They are doing all the "right" things, but just not getting the results they wanted and expected. Recognizing what is truly holding them back, clearing it, and experiencing effects faster than they ever believed possible is where I come in. Everything they need is within them, and I help them find it. I love helping entrepreneurs become everything they know they are meant to be.


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